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Dennerle Scaper's Tank Kit : Tank + Filter + LED Light

$ 149.99



Dennerle Scaper's Kits are now available through Aquatic Arts!



$25 aquaticarts.com gift card available for qualifying aquarium purchases!
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To qualify for the gift card please follow these steps:

  • Email customersupport@aquaticarts.com with a picture of your receipt and shipping label upon receipt of the aquarium
  • All inquiries must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the tank. 
  • All qualifying orders will receive the gift card via email to the email address associated with the corresponding order upon customersupport@aquaticarts.com receiving valid pictures of the receipt and shipping label within the above stated time frame
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks processing time 

10 Gallon Aquascaper's Tank: 

  • Panoramic aquarium with depth effect (lower and deeper than standard aquariums)
  • Cover panel with finger hole, including holders heat insulating safety underlay
  • Designed with aquascaping in mind
  • Perfect tank to breed neocaridina and other caridina shrimp

Nano Power-LED 5.0

  • Compact slim-line design
  • 12 high-quality power LEDs
  • With shimmering effect
  • Outstanding grow light for aquarium plants. High-quality aluminum housing, stainless steel mounting rods
  • Adjustable horizontally (max. 3.94 in.) and vertically (max. 7.09 in)
  • Specs: 6.500 K, 500 Lumen, 21 V, 5.5 W

Nano Bio-Filter

  • Large surface area for filter bacteria
  • Safe for shrimps and crayfish
  • Water flow freely adjustable
  • Filter outlet rotatable through 90°
  • Easy to operate and clean

Large Area for Aquascaping

  •  The extraordinary dimensions create an impressive depth effect

Curved Glass

  • The seamless curved front corners gives unobstructed viewing

Glass Thickness

  • With an optimal glass thickness of 0.2 in


* This item ships separately and direct from California via UPS Ground. 

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