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Lead Plant Weights/Anchors

$ 3.99

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Keep your freshwater aquarium plants anchored and in place with our flexible plant weights!


Aquarium Lead Weights 

Lead plant weights are very useful for keeping various aquatic and semi-aquatic plants anchored down and in their place in the aquarium. Many plants will otherwise float if uprooted. Some stem plants do not have significant root structures and will benefit from being bunched together with these flexible weights. Lead plant weights are very flexible and will not alter water chemistry in the freshwater aquarium, but should not be used in brackish and saltwater aquariums. 

Each flexible weight is approximately 2 inches (5 cm) in length.

Directions: Gently wrap strip around base of plant about 1" from bottom. Bury base of plant growth beneath substrate to allow plant roots to grow. Wash hands after handling. Pliable, will not rust, not toxic to fish.) 

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