L168 Butterfly Pleco (Dekeyseria Picta) - Tank Bred
L168 Butterfly Pleco (Dekeyseria Picta) - Tank Bred
L168 Butterfly Pleco (Dekeyseria Picta) - Tank Bred

L168 Butterfly Pleco (Dekeyseria Picta) - Tank Bred

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Aquatic Marvels Unveiled: The Allure of Tank-Bred L168 Butterfly Plecos


Unveil the allure of the L168 Butterfly Pleco, scientifically termed Dekeyseria picta, now available in a tank-bred variant. This exceptional Plecostomus species epitomizes elegance and visual intrigue, offering a hardy and resilient addition to your freshwater aquarium. Known for its remarkable adaptive abilities, this catfish is a true master of camouflage, capable of swift chameleon-like color changes. When situated on a dark substrate, it adopts a near-black hue, while on a lighter substrate, it presents a charming striped pattern during daylight. Moreover, this species undergoes a distinct change in coloration from night to day, with adults displaying differing hues from juveniles.

Populations in more southerly regions tend to exhibit clearer and more defined stripes, with a base color showcasing a comparatively richer orange tone when contrasted. Interestingly, this species has been cataloged in many hobbyist books under its previous name, Peckoltia pulcher.


What we like about this fish

  • Chameleon of Colors: Admire its impressive color-changing abilities, adapting from near-black on dark substrates to displaying charming striped patterns on lighter ones.

  • Distinctive Adaptability: Witness the intriguing transformation from night to day, showcasing differing hues in adults and juveniles.

  • Rich, Varied Stripes: Populations in southern regions often exhibit more vividly separated stripes and a distinctive base color, showcasing deeper orange tones.


  • Temperature:  75°F - 82°F (24°C - 28°C) for optimal health and activity.
  • pH:  6.5 - 7.5 (flexible as long as sudden changes are avoided)
  • KH:  6 - 10 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  30 gallons

Care Guidelines:

  • Lighting: While not as critical, provide moderate ambient lighting to support a natural day-night cycle, but avoid excessive brightness.

  • Origin: Tank-bred, but indigenous to South America.

  • Diet: Offer a varied diet with high-quality sinking pellets, algae wafers, and occasional treats like blanched vegetables or live/frozen foods.

  • Growth Rate: Considered to have a moderate growth rate under suitable aquarium conditions.

  • Average Adult Size: 5.5" (140mm)
  • Average purchase size: 2-2.5" (50.8- 63.5mm)


 These care guidelines will help create an optimal environment for the L168 Butterfly Pleco, ensuring their health and well-being within your aquarium.

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