Rohani Barb (Dawkinsia Rohani) , Tank-Bred
Rohani Barb (Dawkinsia Rohani) , Tank-Bred
Rohani Barb (Dawkinsia Rohani) , Tank-Bred
Rohani Barb (Dawkinsia Rohani) , Tank-Bred
Rohani Barb (Dawkinsia Rohani) , Tank-Bred

Rohani Barb (Dawkinsia Rohani) , Tank-Bred

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Introducing the Rohani Barb, a true gem of the aquarium world!


This stunning fish, scientifically known as Dawkinsia Rohani, is a favorite among aquarists for its vibrant colors, peaceful temperament, and captivating schooling behavior. Dive into the world of these beautiful aquatic creatures with Aquatic Arts, your trusted source for premium aquarium fish.

What we like about this fish

  • Vibrant Beauty: The Rohani Barb is an aquatic work of art, boasting a dazzling array of colors. From electric blues to fiery oranges, these fish are a visual spectacle that adds a burst of life and vibrancy to any aquarium.

  • Peaceful Temperament: Rohani Barbs are known for their peaceful and non-aggressive nature. They are excellent community fish, making them the perfect choice for aquarists who want a harmonious and serene tank environment.

  • Schooling Behavior: Few sights in the aquarium world are as captivating as a school of Rohani Barbs gracefully swimming together. Their natural schooling behavior creates a mesmerizing display that brings a sense of unity and charm to your tank.

  • Low Maintenance: These fish are hardy and adaptable, making them suitable for aquarists of all experience levels. Their low-maintenance requirements mean you can enjoy their beauty without constant worry.

  • Compatibility: Rohani Barbs get along well with a wide range of other peaceful aquarium species, making them versatile additions to various tank setups. Whether you have tetras, gouramis, or rasboras, Rohani Barbs can thrive alongside them.

  • Fascinating Behavior: Observing Rohani Barbs in your aquarium is a delight. They exhibit interesting social behavior, and their inquisitive nature makes them a joy to watch.




  • Diet: Rohani Barbs are omnivorous and have a varied diet in the wild. In captivity, you can feed them high-quality flake food and pellets as a staple. Additionally, supplement their diet with occasional live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, or bloodworms to provide essential nutrients and add variety. Feeding them a balanced diet will ensure their health and vibrant coloration.


  • Social Behavior: Rohani Barbs are known for their peaceful and social behavior. They are best kept in groups of six or more to allow them to exhibit their natural schooling behavior. When kept in a group, they feel more secure and are less stressed. This schooling behavior is a mesmerizing sight in the aquarium, as they swim together in harmony. They are generally compatible with other peaceful community fish.


  • Origin: Rohani Barbs (Dawkinsia Rohani) originate from the Western Ghats in India. Specifically, they are found in the clear, slow-moving waters of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Knowing their natural habitat can help you replicate their tank conditions more accurately.


  • Average Adult Size: The average adult size of Rohani Barbs is approximately 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm). Keep this in mind when selecting an appropriate tank size and planning your aquarium setup.


  • Average Purchase Size: At the time of purchase, Rohani Barbs are typically juveniles and measure around 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm). They are small and grow steadily with proper care. Ensure that your tank is adequately sized to accommodate their growth.


Remember that these guidelines are essential for maintaining the health and well-being of your Rohani Barbs. Providing them with a balanced diet, a suitable social environment, and proper tank conditions will help ensure their longevity and allow you to fully appreciate their natural beauty and behavior in your aquarium.


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