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Ludwigia Beginner Stem Plant Combo

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Spruce up your aquarium with a splash of red and green! Try our Ludwigia Beginner Stem Plant Combo today.


Included in This Pack are the Following:


The four varieties of ludwigia stem plants included in this combo pack are fast-growing and grow by using waste and pollutants in the water, making them an extremely effective part of your biological filtration.  They have the potential to greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for water changes!  

Each of these stem plants are fantastic for giving your aquarium a natural look.  You can combine them with driftwood and river stones or natural-colored gravel to replicate a natural-looking aquatic ecosystem!  They make a beautiful upgrade over plastic plants, which can look tacky and make your tank appear unnatural.


What We Like About Ludwigia:

  • Excellent green and red coloration, but has potential for brighter colors with higher light and supplementation
  • Excellent background or midground plant
  • Provides protective cover for fry and can attach to or cover many surfaces in the aquarium

Ludwigia Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 64° - 86° F (18° - 30° C)
  • pH: 5.0 – 7.0
  • Lighting: Higher lighting will help maintain red coloration.
  • Potential Height: 4 - 8 inches (10 - 20 cm).
  • Origin: Cultivated in nurseries, but indigenous to North and Central America
  • Aquarium Placement: Middle to Background
  • CO2: Not necessary, but can make for a more robust plant
  • Care: Easy
  • Growth Rate: Fast


    No aquarium plant distributor/nursery/wholesaler/retailer can or will guarantee their plants to be 100% snail free. We can not guarantee our plants will be snail free.

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