• Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)
  • Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)
  • Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)
  • Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)
  • Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)
  • Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)
  • Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)
  • Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)

Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris)

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This unusual shrimp is an extraordinary algae eater and excellent inhabitant for the freshwater aquarium!


The Short Nose Algae Shrimp (Caridina longirostris) is an unusual freshwater species that is native to Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is among the best algae-eating species of freshwater shrimp, so it is a very valuable maintenance animal. It will eat most types of algae, and it will even reportedly eat the dreaded BBA (Black Beard/Brush Algae)! The Short Nose Algae Shrimp is mostly clear and similar in appearance to the Pinokio Shrimp (Caridina gracilirostris), but it has a shorter rostrum (nose). Like the Pinokio Shrimp, it has several highlights of red and gold coloration.

The Short Nose Algae Shrimp, like most shrimp, lives in large colonies and spends most of its time foraging for food. As stated above, it is a voracious eater of algae in the aquarium and is not only a very active, outgoing species, but it is also very useful as a solution to fighting algae issues. It aggressively feeds on most varieties of algae and, in appropriate numbers, will often eradicate even the most persistent algae growth on plants and other aquarium decorations. It is also very effective in eating decaying plant matter, such as shed leaves and needles of aquarium plants. However, it does not bother or damage ornamental plants.

Care for the Short Nose Algae Shrimp is fairly simple and straightforward. It does not require the more acidic pH of its "bee-type" Caridina cantonensis cousins. It inhabits waterways that fluctuate widely in temperature and pH according to rainfall, so it will thrive in a variety of water parameters as long as it has very clean water.

The Short Nose Algae Shrimp has reportedly been bred and reared successfully in the aquarium, but not on a wide commercial scale. This is likely due to its plentiful and widespread distrubution in the wild as well as the lack of known color morphs achievable through selective breeding. The bulk of its diet is biofilm, algae, and decaying plant matter so it will work diligently to clean up detritus in any aquarium. It feeds constantly and displays constant activity. In a less mature aquarium, it should be fed high quality flake and mini pellet dry foods with high algae/spirulina/plant content. GlasGarten Bacter AE is also a superb food, as it will dramatically increase biofilm growth in the aquarium.


What We Like About This Shrimp:
  • Superb algae eater
  • Relatively rare
  • Completely peaceful disposition
  • Safe with all plants
  • Excellent scavenger
  • Temperature: 61° - 82° F (16° - 28° C)
  • pH: 6.5 - 8.0
  • KH: 0 - 10 dKH
  • Minimum tank size: 2 gallons
  • Diet: Scavenger that feeds continually.  Requires very little feeding in a well-established aquarium containing algae, biofilm, or decaying plant matter.  In less mature aquariums, high quality dry foods with high plant content can be fed multiple times daily. Our Spirulina flakes and BacterAE make excellent staple food products for these shrimp.
  • Warning! Avoid any food product, medication, or plant fertilizer that contains Copper of any form. Copper is toxic to invertebrates. Many commercial fish foods, medications, and plant fertilizers contain copper or more commonly copper sulfate. Always look at the ingredient list for any product going into the aquarium to ensure they are copper free.
  • Social behavior: Peaceful
  • Origin: Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia
  • Average adult size: 1 inch (2.5 cm)
  • Average purchase size: 1/2 to 1 inch (1.3 to 2.5 cm)


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