Taisho Sanke Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus "Sanke") - Tank Bred
Taisho Sanke Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus "Sanke") - Tank Bred
Taisho Sanke Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus "Sanke") - Tank Bred
Taisho Sanke Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus "Sanke") - Tank Bred
Taisho Sanke Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus "Sanke") - Tank Bred

Taisho Sanke Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus "Sanke") - Tank Bred

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Indulge in the timeless allure of Taisho Sanke Koi from Aquatic Arts. Transform your aquatic sanctuary into a haven of tranquility with these exquisite specimens. Order now and let their beauty grace your aquatic realm!

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Introducing Tank Bred Taisho Sanke Koi, a Beautiful Addition to Your Pond!

The Tank Bred Taisho Sanke Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus "Sanke") is a stunning variety of ornamental carp renowned for its vibrant colors and distinctive markings. Originating from Japan, these elegant fish are prized for their striking patterns, which typically feature a white base with red and black markings.

Raised in controlled environments, our Tank Bred Taisho Sanke Koi are bred for their beauty and resilience. These fish are meticulously cared for to ensure their health and vitality, making them an excellent choice for both experienced koi enthusiasts and beginners alike.

What We Love About Tank Bred Taisho Sanke Koi:

- Striking red, white, and black coloration
- Beautiful and intricate patterns
- Graceful and majestic swimming behavior
- Hardy and adaptable to various pond conditions
- Enhances the aesthetic appeal of any pond or water garden

Care Guidelines:

- Diet: Provide a balanced diet of high-quality koi pellets, supplemented with occasional treats like freeze-dried or live foods.
- Social Behavior: Taisho Sanke Koi are social creatures and thrive in the company of other koi varieties. Ensure adequate space and hiding spots to minimize aggression.
- Origin: Japan
- Average Adult Size: 18 - 36 inches (45 - 90 cm)
- Average Purchase Size: Juvenile size, varies depending on availability

Tank Recommendations:

  • Temperature: 65° - 75° F (18° - 24° C)
  • pH: 7.0 - 8.0
  • Minimum Pond Size: 500 gallons for optimal growth and space. 

Care Guidelines:

  • Diet: Omnivorous. Offer a balanced diet of high-quality Koi pellets, vegetables, and occasional treats like live or frozen foods.
  • Social Behavior: Peaceful, but may exhibit hierarchy within a group.
  • Origin: Tank-bred, originally from Japan.
  • Adult Size: Can reach up to 24 inches (60 cm) or more, depending on pond conditions and genetics.
  • Average purchase size:  4 inch (10.16 cm)

Please Note:

- Ensure proper pond filtration and aeration to maintain water quality and oxygen levels.
- Monitor water parameters regularly and perform routine maintenance to keep your koi healthy and happy.
- Avoid introducing new fish directly into your pond without quarantine to prevent the spread of diseases.

Elevate your pond's beauty with the addition of Tank Bred Taisho Sanke Koi. These magnificent fish bring color, elegance, and serenity to any aquatic environment, creating a mesmerizing focal point for years to come.

Live Arrival Guarantee: Rest assured, all our Koi come with a live arrival guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. Plus, our team is available to provide support and guidance to help you care for your new aquatic companions.


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