Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) - Tank Bred
Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) - Tank Bred
Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) - Tank Bred
Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) - Tank Bred
Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) - Tank Bred
Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) - Tank Bred

Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) - Tank Bred

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We are proud to offer tank-raised specimens of this peaceful, perfect nano and planted tank bottom-dweller! These tank-raised specimens are considerably younger, healthier, and more durable than their wild-caught counterparts.


The Tail Spot Pygmy Cory (Corydoras hastatus) is a charming and diminutive freshwater fish, prized for its small size and active, social nature. Tank-bred for increased hardiness and adaptability, these corydoras are perfect for nano tanks and community aquariums. Their silver bodies adorned with a distinctive black tail spot make them a subtle yet attractive presence in any aquarium.

Tail Spot Pygmy Corys are schooling fish that thrive in groups, creating a lively and interactive display. They are known for their unique swimming behavior, often seen darting around the tank and occasionally swimming mid-water, unlike other bottom-dwelling corydoras.

What We Like About This Fish:

  • Distinctive Markings: The black tail spot and silver body make this corydoras a subtle yet attractive fish.
  • Hardy and Adaptable: Perfect for a range of water conditions and tank setups.
  • Active and Social: Brings lively movement and interaction to the aquarium.
  • Ideal for Nano Tanks: Suitable for small to medium-sized aquariums.


Tail Spot Pygmy Corys thrive in well-planted aquariums that provide plenty of cover and soft substrates to protect their delicate barbels. Suitable plants include Java Moss, Anubias, Cryptocoryne, and Dwarf Hairgrass. Adding leaf litter or botanicals can create a more natural and comfortable environment for these small corydoras.

Shrimp Compatible:

Tail Spot Pygmy Corys are peaceful and can coexist with shrimp species, making them an excellent choice for a shrimp-friendly tank. Their small size and gentle nature mean they are unlikely to harm adult shrimp.


Tail Spot Pygmy Corys are omnivorous and will thrive on a varied diet. High-quality micro pellets, crushed flakes, and occasional treats of frozen or live foods such as baby brine shrimp and microworms will keep them healthy and active. A varied diet ensures they receive all necessary nutrients for optimal health and coloration.


Incorporating botanicals such as Indian Almond Leaves, Catappa Bark, and Alder Cones can enrich the aquarium environment for Tail Spot Pygmy Corys. These botanicals release beneficial tannins and humic substances, which can help create a more natural habitat, promote healthy coloration, and support overall fish health.


Recommended Tank Parameters:

  • Temperature: 72° - 79° F (22° - 26° C)
  • pH: 6.0 - 7.5
  • KH: 2 - 12 dKH
  • Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

Care Guidelines:

  • Diet: Omnivorous. Will easily accept high-quality dry and frozen foods.
  • Social Behavior: Peaceful, schooling/shoaling.
  • Origin: Tank-bred.
  • Average Adult Size: 0.7 - 0.8 inches (1.5- 2 cm)
  • Average Purchase Size: 1/4 inches (.635 cm) to 1/2 inch (1.3 cm)


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