• Aquatic Arts Spirulina Flakes (30+ grams)

Aquatic Arts Spirulina Flakes (30+ grams)

$ 11.99



These sinking snail flakes are made from vegetable matter, spirulina algae, and marine protein.  They are the top choice of the snails we keep here at Aquatic Arts, and this is the staple of their diet.  This food also works well as a general purpose fish flake, but remember to make sure your snails get some, too!  We recommend rubbing the flakes together to create smaller bits of food for the fish, but also dropping some larger flakes in the tank so they sink to the bottom and provide an opportunity for snails to feed.  
This is enough food to feed up to 10 snails for 6 months or longer.
  • Feed as much as the snails will eat in two hours.
  • Feed as much as the fish will eat in about a minute
  • Remember: DO NOT feed more until the food from last time is gone, and remove uneaten food if you see any after 3 hours.

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