Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" formally &
Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" formally &
Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" formally &
Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" formally &
Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" formally &

Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" formally 'Cubaris' (Nesodillo archangeli) - Bredby: Aquatic Arts

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Samurai Soldier Isopods
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Unveil the Splendor of Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" - Aquatic Arts

Introducing the majestic Shiro Utsuri Isopods, affectionately dubbed "Samurai Soldier," meticulously bred by Aquatic Arts. Formerly known as 'Cubaris,' these stunning crustaceans, under the scientific name Nesodillo archangeli, embody elegance and grace, reminiscent of the noble warriors of ancient Japan. With their striking black and white patterning, these isopods add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to any terrarium or vivarium setup.


  • Exquisite Appearance: The Shiro Utsuri Isopods boast a mesmerizing black and white coloration, reminiscent of the traditional Shiro Utsuri koi fish. Their intricate patterning and unique markings make them a captivating addition to any aquatic or semi-aquatic environment.
  • Hardiness and Adaptability: These isopods are resilient creatures, capable of thriving in a wide range of terrarium conditions. From tropical to temperate setups, they adapt effortlessly, showcasing their adaptability and versatility.
  • Bioactive Benefits: Acting as diligent scavengers, Shiro Utsuri Isopods play a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem within the terrarium. They aid in the breakdown of organic matter, contribute to nutrient cycling, and help keep the enclosure clean and pristine.
  • Peaceful Coexistence: Shiro Utsuri Isopods are peaceful inhabitants, cohabiting harmoniously with other terrarium dwellers, including amphibians, reptiles, Vampire Crabs and plants. Their gentle nature and non-invasive behavior make them an excellent addition to community setups.


  • Species: Nesodillo archangeli (formerly 'Cubaris')
  • Common Name: Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier"
  • Bred by: Aquatic Arts
  • Size: Adults typically range from 8-10mm in length, showcasing their delicate yet resilient nature.
  • Quantity: Available in packs of various sizes to accommodate the needs of your terrarium or vivarium.

Care Guidelines:

  • Substrate: Provide a substrate rich in organic matter, such as coconut fiber or leaf litter (Botanicals) , to support the isopods' natural foraging behavior and burrowing instincts.
  • Humidity: Maintain moderate to high humidity levels within the enclosure, ideally between 70% to 80%, to ensure the well-being of the isopods.
  • Feeding: Shiro Utsuri Isopods primarily feed on decaying plant matter and organic debris. Supplement their diet occasionally with calcium-rich foods like cuttlebone or calcium powder to support their exoskeleton health.
  • Habitat: Offer ample hiding places and moisture-retaining areas to mimic their natural habitat and promote breeding activity.

Elevate your terrarium experience with the regal presence of Shiro Utsuri Isopods "Samurai Soldier" from Aquatic Arts. With their enchanting appearance and beneficial role in maintaining terrarium health, they are sure to become cherished inhabitants of your miniature ecosystem.

Experience the artistry of nature with Aquatic Arts - where elegance meets tranquility.

Keeping Isopods with Vampire Crabs can provide several benefits for the overall health and well-being of your terrarium ecosystem:

  1. Bioactive Cleaning Crew: Isopods are natural scavengers that help to break down organic matter, including leftover food, decaying plant material, and feces. By doing so, they contribute to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment within the terrarium, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and foul odors.

  2. Nutrient Cycling: Isopods play a crucial role in nutrient cycling within the terrarium. As they consume organic debris, they excrete nutrient-rich waste that enriches the substrate, providing essential nutrients for plants and other organisms in the ecosystem. This helps to create a balanced and self-sustaining environment over time.

  3. Aeration of Substrate: Isopods burrow and move through the substrate, helping to aerate it in the process. This improves soil structure, enhances drainage, and promotes the circulation of air and water within the terrarium substrate, creating optimal conditions for plant roots and beneficial microorganisms.

  4. Reduced Waste Accumulation: By consuming organic waste, Isopods help to reduce the buildup of waste materials in the terrarium. This not only contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment but also reduces the frequency of substrate changes and maintenance tasks required by the terrarium keeper.

  5. Natural Behavior Stimulation: Vampire Crabs may exhibit natural foraging behaviors when they encounter Isopods in their environment. The presence of Isopods can stimulate the crabs' natural instincts to hunt and explore, providing enrichment and mental stimulation for the crabs' overall well-being.

  6. Ecosystem Balance: Introducing Isopods to the terrarium creates a mini-ecosystem where different organisms interact and contribute to each other's well-being. This fosters a balanced and harmonious ecosystem, resembling natural habitats, which can benefit the overall health and vitality of the terrarium inhabitants, including Vampire Crabs.

In summary, keeping Isopods with Vampire Crabs offers numerous benefits, including waste management, nutrient cycling, substrate aeration, and natural behavior stimulation. By fostering a bioactive ecosystem, terrarium keepers can create a healthier and more sustainable environment for their Vampire Crabs to thrive in.

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