• Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)
  • Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)
  • Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)
  • Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)
  • Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)
  • Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)
  • Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)
  • Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)

Panther Crab (Parathelphusa pantherina)

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Panther Crabs (Parathelphusa panthernia) are fully aquatic crabs that originates from Indonesia.  This is one of the very few types of crab that can live fully immersed in water at all times, so they are able to be kept in any freshwater aquarium!  This crab would make an excellent alternative to a crayfish because they are considerably less aggressive in behavior.  Additionally, they do not develop huge claws like fiddler crabs or some other types of crabs do.
Panther Crabs come in various shades of orange and are speckled with dark spots that appear large on the body and diminish in size on the legs.  This crab is known for its attractive coloration and lively personality, so it's sure to provide hours of entertainment!
We ship these out as 1 to 3 inch juveniles, but they can grow up to 5 inches in diameter as adults, including their legs and claws (their bodies alone grow to about 3 inches in diameter).  Panther Crabs are known for their lovely amber-orange coloration and markings, as well as their lively personalities.  They are very active and do not spend all of their time under rocks.  It is normal for these crabs to be shy at first, but as they become more comfortable in their new home they tend to become more and more active.  Crabs are not too commonly seen in aquariums, so this crab is sure to be a true showpiece in yours!
Panther Crabs are friendly with their own species and may be kept in groups together.  They are very easy to care for and very hardy.  They can live with most kinds of fish and other aquatic life, but these crabs are opportunistic predators and they may go after dwarf shrimp or small snails (though this can be a good thing if the snails are unwanted!).  Their claws stay fairly small, so only bottom-dwelling fish would run into trouble with them.


What We Like About This Crab:
  • Beautiful spotted pattern
  • More peaceful alternative to crayfish
  • Lively personality
  • One of the few fully aquatic crabs available
  • Temperature: 76° - 82° F (24° - 28° C)
  • pH: 7.5 - 8.5
  • KH: 5 - 8 dKH
  • Minimum tank size: 20 gallons
  • Diet: Omnivorous.  These crabs are not picky and will eat all sorts of food, including invertebrate pellets and algae wafers.  They also like bloodworms and will much on dead plant material.  Calcium supplements (such as cuttlebone) are a good idea too, as the will help maintain the health of their shells
  • Social behavior: Less aggressive than crayfish, but they are opportunistic hunters and may go after nearby shrimp or snails
  • Origin: Lake Matano in Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Average adult size: 4 - 5 inches (10.2 - 12.7 cm) in diameter
  • Average purchase size: 1 - 3 inches (2.5 - 7.6 cm) in diameter


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