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KatsAquatics 3-1 Limited Edition Calcium (1.7 oz)

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KatsAquatics 3-1 Limited Edition Calcium (1.7 oz)


This top-of-the-line invertebrate food is made from all natural ingredients!  It consists of over 42% calcium and has been approved by all of our shrimp, snails, and crayfish.  It is formulated to provide optimum nutrition for the faster growth and breeding of invertebrates, and it is fortified with calcium for healthy exoskeleton growth. It is also packed with Beta-carotene and Vitamin A to boost immunity and help fight infection. This particular formula can also intensify red and yellow colors in your invertebrates! This "general purpose" invertebrate food can be given to shrimp, snails, and crayfish, although it should be supplemented with other foods since it is not nutritionally complete for all species.


Feeding Suggestions:

Feed daily , or as needed. Remove uneaten food after 12 hours.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein (mg): 7 mg per tab

Vitamin A: 1.9%

Phosphorous: 0.5%

Calcium: 42.8%

Vitamin K: 0.05%

Fiber (mg): 4.2 mg per tab



Mixture of Immunity + Nutrition + Protein Calcium Tablets

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