• Floating Plant Combo Pack
  • Floating Plant Combo Pack
  • Floating Plant Combo Pack
  • Floating Plant Combo Pack
  • Floating Plant Combo Pack
  • Floating Plant Combo Pack

Floating Plant Combo Pack

$ 5.99



We are excited to now offer a Combo Pack containing several of our best selling floating plants!

This Floating Plant Combo Pack includes a 2+ tbsp mix of: 

  • Water Spangles (Salvinia minima)
  • Fairy Fern (Azolla Caroliniana)
  • Duckweed (Lemna minor)

 Care is extremely easy for Water Spangles, Duckweed and Fairy Fern. They can thrive in a relatively wide pH range as well as moderate to high lighting. Their only major specific requirement is that they reportedly do not do well with a high level of surface agitation. They are best kept in an aquarium with gentle water flow. Under these simple conditions, they will multiply very quickly and provide significant denitrification as well as oxygenation, which is particularly important in aquariums with low water flow. They do not require CO2 supplementation. As they propagate, some of the floating plants should be removed so that they do not completely cover the entire water surface and smother the aquarium.


Like most plants, Water Spangles, Duckweed and Fairy Moss will all benefit from supplementation such as Seachem Flourish, Flourish Excel, nitrogen, iron, and other plant supplements.

No aquarium plant distributor/nursery/wholesaler/retailer can or will guarantee their plants to be 100% snail free. We can not guarantee our plants will be snail free.

What We Like About This Combo Pack: 

  • 3 plants in one package
  • Very easy care
  • Provides shade to areas of the aquarium
  • Very hardy and durable in low water flow
  • Propagates very quickly


Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 65° - 89° F (16° - 32° C)
  • pH: 6.5 - 8.0
  • Lighting: Moderate to High
  • Origin: Cultivated in nurseries, but indigenous to Central and South America
  • Aquarium placement: Floating
  • Care: Easy

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