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Ceramic Dwarf Cichlid Breeding Hut

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These cichlid huts provide natural cover and a safe breeding site for Dwarf Cichlids and Apistos!


Dwarf Cichlid Breeding Hut 

Dwarf Cichlid breeding in captivity is becoming easier and easier thanks to huts just like these. These breeding huts mimic the natural breeding caves that Dwarf Cichlids would use to spawn in the wild. These USA made ceramic breeding huts are not only great for Dwarf Cichlids, but provide cover and encourage fish breeding behavior in many species. 

Help Encourage Your Cichlids To Breed

Cichlids prefer to have their own territory to spawn in, and these caves give them just that. These breeding caves are perfect for a pair or trio of Apistogramma or similar sized Dwarf Cichlids. The smooth ceramic texture of these fish breeding accessories provides the perfect surface for eggs to stick to. The sleek appearance can easily be incorporated to a variety of aquascapes. 

Approximate Hut Measurements

  • Small = .75" opening, 2.5" overall
  • Medium = 1.5" opening, 4" overall

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