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Ceramic Round Pleco Cave

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These ceramic pleco caves are a staple for any pleco tank! 


Ceramic Round Pleco Cave 

Pleco breeding caves are a classic in the aquarium hobby. These ceramic pleco hideouts have been a staple for pleco tanks for years. Not only do they provide a natural cave, but they are great for breeding as well. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, these caves can easily be integrated into any style of aquarium.

Have More Success Breeding Plecos

Breeding some types of plecos can be difficult, but don't make it more difficult by not having adequate caves for your plecos to breed in. These pleco breeding caves provide the perfect environment for your plecos to spawn. These caves mimic hiding spots that plecos would naturally use in their natural habitat. Pleco fry will hide in these as well, but Ceramic Fry Caves are the better choice for the babies that will inevitably come if you use these breeding caves.


See Your Pleco More Often

Have you ever put a pleco in your tank just for it to disappear for weeks at a time? Look no further. These pleco caves give you a great view at your suckermouth catfish while providing comfort for them at the same time! Plecos are nocturnal meaning they are typically only active at night. What fun is that? These ceramic pleco caves are deep enough to provide the cave like feel that plecos love, yet have a wide enough opening for you to see directly into them to admire your beautiful fish friends.

Approximate Cave Measurements

  • Small- Length: 6", Opening: 1.25". 
  • Medium- Length: 7.75", Opening: 1.5" 

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