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Ceramic Breeding Cone

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These ceramic breeding cones are a staple for any Discus or Angelfish breeder!


Ceramic Breeding Cone 

Successful Discus and Angelfish breeding has been on the rise thanks to cones just like these. With a strong, round base, these cones are built to withstand even the most intense spawning activity.

Help Encourage Your Cichlids To Breed

These breeding cones mimic the natural surfaces that Cichlids would use to spawn in the wild. These USA made ceramic breeding cones are not only great for Discus and Angelfish, but many cichlid will use this surface to lay eggs on. The smooth ceramic texture of these fish breeding accessories provides the perfect surface for eggs to stick to. The sleek appearance can easily be incorporated to a variety of aquascapes. 

Approximate Cone Measurements

  • Base: 3"
  • Height: 9"

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