• Celestial Pearl Danio (Celestichthys margaritas),  3/4 inch Juvenile - TANK-RAISED SCHOOL!

Celestial Pearl Danio (Celestichthys margaritas), 3/4 inch Juvenile - TANK-RAISED SCHOOL!

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These small schooling fish are peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful, featuring jewel-toned bodies with iridescent dots.


Our Celestial Pearl Danios are tank-raised!  We are one of the only suppliers in the US that offers tank-raised Celestial Pearl Danios.

If you're looking to add natural yet arresting beauty to your aquarium, look no further than the Celestial Pearl Danio. These little fish are truly a sight to be seen. Their midnight blue bodies are dotted with shimmering, pearl-colored markings that resemble a starry galaxy, and their fins add a pop of color with their bright red and orange stripes. Their lustrous, iridescent scales remind us of the notorious fish from the children's book 'The Rainbow Fish' (by author Marcus Pfister).

The Celestial Pearl Danio is peaceful and easy to care for, as long as they live in stable water parameters with good water quality. They do best in tanks that have plant, rock, or driftwood that provides them with cover. We sell these fish in a school of 6 because they are known to do best in groups of 6 or more. Celestial Pearl Danios will form schools with each other and with all other types of danios, forming rainbows of motion throughout your aquarium!

Our Celestial Pearl Danios ship out as juveniles that are less than an inch in size, and therefore do not yet possess the gorgeous coloration that they will have as adults. As young fish, they show some indication of a striped pattern, which eventually transforms into the pearly dots this fish is known for. So be rest assured, once these fish mature, they will make a dazzling addition to any aquarium!


  • pH level range: 6.5 - 7.5 
  • Temperature range: 73° - 79° F (23° - 26° C)
  • Water type: Medium hard 
  • Recommended Aquatic Arts tank mates: Dwarf shrimp (such as Blue Velvet shrimp, Sakura Fire Red Cherry Shrimp, etc.), snails (such as Mystery Snails, Sulawesi Snails, etc.), other non-aggressive fish. 
  • Additional notes: Relatively easy to care for as long as water parameters remain stable. They prefer to live in tanks with live aquatic plants for cover (such as java moss, mermaid weed, green cabomba, etc.).  These fish are omnivores, so they will eat algae, fish food flakes or pellets, as well as freeze-dried foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimp.
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