• breeding aid for sulawesi shrimp
  • alder cones for sulawesi shrimp
  • catappa leaves for aquatic shrimp
  • lotus pods for shrimp grazing
  • coconut petals for aquatic shrimp
  • banana leaves for shrimp grazing

Botanical Breeder Combo Pack (Sulawesi Shrimp)

$ 14.99




Litter your tank with our Sulawesi Shrimp Botanical Breeder Pack!

The botanicals in this pack are perfect for Sulawesi Shrimp. This curated collection of popular aquatic botanicals will meet the hopes and dreams of your Shrimp! 


This Botanical Pack Includes:

  • 3 Catappa Leaves
  • 2 Banana Leaves
  • 2 Coconut Flowers
  • 1 Lotus Pod
  • 1 Alder Cone Shake

Each botanical offers unique attributes that will support your breeding colony of Sulawesi Shrimp as well as other shrimp colonies!

Catappa and Banana Leaves are an excellent naturalistic decoration, food source, and herbal disease preventative for the freshwater aquarium! Catappa and Banana Leaves serve as an ideal growth medium for biofilm and diatoms, both of which are key food sources to countless aquatic animal species, including shrimp and other invertebrates as well as fish. 

Both leaf types also have buffering qualities. As they decompose, they release tannins (tercatin, punicalin, punicalagin) that lower the pH of the aquarium, but at a gradual rate. This is particularly beneficial for aquatic animals that require acidic, low-pH water. However, for Sulawesi shrimp both leaves can also be used sparingly in high-pH setups as well, especially when their pH-lowering quality is counteracted with pH-raising decor such as lace rock and dried coral. This way the shrimp can still have all the bennifits of the leaves without the pH drop. 

Both leaf types have extremely valuable theraputic qualities and can often serve as a harmless preventative medicine in the aquarium. They are highly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and support or increase slime coat, scale, and shell production in fish and invertebrates. This is particularly crucial during the introduction and acclimation of animals to the aquarium and after water changes.

Alder Cones release tannins that help prevent fungal infections and fight bacteria in aquariums.  The cones add a natural beauty to any aquarium in which they are placed, and dwarf shrimp particularly love to graze for biofilm on the surfaces of the cones. Coconut Petals are an interesting item that offer the same benefits as Almond leaves and Alder Cones. 

Lotus pods are a great part of any shrimp setup, but very helpful for Sulawesi shrimp! These pods help provide lots of hiding spaces for the shrimp to retreat into the natural holes on the pods. Because these shrimp can be very reclusive having lots of hideaways is very helpful to these shrimp so they feel more comfortable in their tank. The more comfortable they are the more they will come out and forage away from cover. 


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