• Blue/Silver Ramshorn Snails (1/4" to 1")
  • Blue/Silver Ramshorn Snails (1/4" to 1")

Blue/Silver Ramshorn Snails (1/4" to 1")

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These very colorful snails are great for adding some color and decoration to your aquarium, but they also serve some very useful purposes. They clean algae off of glass, plants, and decorations, they eat hair algae, and they keep your substrate clean and the correct color.

They are totally safe with any fish, shrimp, or plants, and are completely peaceful. Their shell colors range from pastel blue and periwinkle to a striking silver. Hilarious if you have shrimp like I do - they love to ride around on the snails!

The snails usually ship as juveniles that are pea-sized, but may sometimes be smaller.  Even the smallest snail will be adult breeding size within 2 months.  These snails can grow up to 1 or 2 inches in diameter.



  • pH level range: 7.0 and up
  • Temperature range: 60° - 80° F
  • Water type: Soft to hard
  • Recommended Aquatic Arts tank mates: Other types of snails (Nerite Snails, Mystery Snails, Sulawesi Snails, etc.), dwarf shrimp (such as Blue Velvet shrimp, Sakura Fire Red Cherry Shrimp, Neon Yellow Shrimp, etc.). They can also be kept with small to medium-sized, non-aggressive fish.
  • Additional notes: Ramshorn snails are not picky at all about their water parameters, and they tend to reproduce like crazy in almost any conditions. If you run into problems with snail overpopulation, a few Assassin Snails will quickly take care of the problem. Ramshorn snails eat algae, waste, and invertebrate pellets or fish food. Snails are very sensitive to copper, so watch out for copper if you use tap water in your tank.

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