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Botanical Breeder Combo Pack (Shrimp)

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This combo pack is of our favorite aquatic botanicals that increase the health and happiness of our shrimp.

Every botanical included will either breakdown and become a food source or encourage bio film growth!



Freshwater shrimp have quickly become extremely popular in the aquarium hobby. With numerous beautiful varieties now being kept and bred by hobbyists worldwide, there is little doubt as to why they're so loved!  We want to give shrimp the best possible lives they can live, what better way to do that than with botanicals!

All botanicals have earned the Aquaticarts stamp of approval.  We are passionate about the care of our shrimp and will only recommend botanicals we believe will improve your shrimps lives!


This Combo Pack Includes:

  •  5 Indian Almond Catappa Leaves or 5 Jack Fruit Leaves
  •  3 Guava Leaves 
  •  2 Small Cholla Wood 
  •  1 Banana Leaf 
  •  1 portion Alder Cone Shake 

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