Albino Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri var. "Albino") - Tank-Bred!
Albino Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri var. "Albino") - Tank-Bred!
Albino Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri var. "Albino") - Tank-Bred!
Albino Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri var. "Albino") - Tank-Bred!

Albino Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri var. "Albino") - Tank-Bred!

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We are proud to offer an extremely rare albino color morph or this exquisite tetra, and its incredible yellow and blue coloration are much more striking than the usual “all-pink” albino!

The Albino Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri) is a very attractive shoaling fish for the community aquarium.  Unlike many albino color morphs, this tetra is not just the usual pink color.  As it matures, both male and female specimens show canary yellow and iridescent blue coloration in addition to the characteristic “pink eye” that is typically displayed by albino specimens display. In addition, adult males have dramatically elongated dorsal and caudal fins, including an extended middle caudal ray that creates a “trident” tail.  Females are generally smaller and thicker in size.  The Albino Emperor Tetra typically breeds in pairs and must be kept in shoals of at least 6 to 10 fish.  While juveniles will school in the typical manner of young tetras, adults are more likely to shoal and stake off their own small territories. Mature males will posture and compete for females, but this aggression is not a problem in aquariums with ample space and plenty of décor.  

The Albino Emperor Tetra typically occupies the top and middle level of the water column, although it can often be seen swimming and feeding in the middle and bottom levels as well.   It is safe to keep with other peaceful, small fish.  Though it has a relatively robust, larger body than many smaller tetras, it has a very small mouth.  Adult dwarf shrimp are possibly safe tankmates as well, but adult Albino Emperor Tetras may eat small dwarf shrimp and their fry.  Larger, peaceful invertebrates can also make good tankmates.  Since they are tank-raised, Albino Emperor Tetras are fairly adaptable, but their natural habitat contains soft, acidic water rich in tannins and leaf litter.  

While not a picky eater, the Albino Emperor Tetra will thrive and remain very colorful on a varied diet of meaty foods.  High-quality flake food, pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried foods will all be readily accepted.  


What We Like About This Fish:
  • Elegant coloration and finnage, especially in males
  • Peaceful disposition with fish and peaceful invertebrates
  • Very active and noticeable fish in any aquarium
  • Hardy and adaptable
  • Temperature:  73° - 81° F (23° - 27° C)
  • pH:  5.5 - 7.5 (more acidic water is preferred)
  • KH:  4 - 8 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  20 gallons
  • Diet:  Omnivorous.  Will  easily accept high quality dry and frozen foods
  • Social behavior:  Peaceful, schooling/shoaling.
  • Origin:  Tank-bred, but indigenous to South America
  • Average adult size:  1.4 - 1.7 inches (3.5 - 4.2 cm)
  • Average purchase size:  3/4 - 1.5 inches (1.9 - 3.8 cm)
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