Shrimp Safe Fish (large shrimp only)

By “shrimp safe,” we mean that this fish is safe with adult dwarf shrimp unless otherwise noted.  For example, some fish are not safe with dwarf shrimp, but are compatible with large Amano Shrimp, Singapore Flower/Bamboo Shrimp, Green Lace Filter Shrimp, and Vampire Shrimp as long as the shrimp are too large to fit in the mouth of the fish.  The Otocinclus Catfish is the only fish we know of that is not likely to eat shrimp fry.  While most fish will prey on dwarf shrimp fry, a heavily planted aquarium can be very helpful in offsetting this predation.  Dense plants, especially mosses, will provide a hiding place for shrimp fry and greatly increase the chances that a portion of the fry survive to adulthood and grow or replenish dwarf shrimp populations.  All of these designations are relative to the respective sizes of the individual fish and shrimp.  For example, small or large Amano Shrimp would be fine to keep with small Glass Catfish, but small amano shrimp would not be safe with full-grown 4-6” glass catfish.  
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These fish are compatible with THE FOLLOWING LARGE SHRIMP: Amano, Flower/Bamboo, Green Lace, and Vampire Shrimp. Many of the smaller species on this list may be compatible with adult dwarf shrimp, but we cannot promise their compatibility with smaller shrimp species.