Omega One Foods

Omega One is a superb fish food brand that has become a major leader in top-quality aquarium foods, and Aquatic Arts is proud to offer Omega One foods to our customers. We even use their foods for the livestock in our store! We have included the Omega One company story from below:

An American family business. 20 years ago in Sitka, Alaska, two brothers invented and patented the process of making fish foods directly from whole, fresh Alaskan seafood. OmegaSea, the company, was founded, and Omega One, the brand, was introduced.

This revolutionary concept broke the mold in a 40-year industry, providing hobbyists with a brand of unsurpassed quality and nutrition. Unlike other fish foods on the market, you will see that there is no fishmeal in our foods. Instead, we use Alaskan seafood such as salmon, halibut, and shrimp for our protein sources. These ingredients, rich in natural fats and proteins, are purchased direct from sustainable Alaskan fisheries. We also harvest our own fresh ocean kelp by hand along the rugged coastal wilderness of Southeast Alaska. It all adds up to a vastly superior product that will keep your aquarium healthier and cleaner.

Today, thanks to our incredible ingredients and our even more incredible customers, our American-made fish foods have become an industry legend. Omega One is sold in 25 countries, and is widely considered the best fish food in the world. While we remain the experts in aquatic nutrition, OmegaSea now offers a wider range of aquatic solutions than ever before including nutrition, sea salt, lighting, and accessories. As a family and a company, we promise to continue developing innovative aquatic products with the same integrity and high standards on which our company was founded.