Marimo Moss Balls


It is important to note that all Marimo sold from Aquatic Arts is responsibly collected and put through a rigorous quarantine process to ensure safety and quality. All of our incoming Marimo shipments are inspected and cleared by DFW/USDA before we receive them. Upon arrival, we quarantine and treat all of the Marimo for a minimum of two weeks, to fully eradicate any pests, including zebra mussels. This includes a saltwater bath that kills any “hitchhikers” that may be attached without causing any harm to the plant.

We take conservation very seriously here at Aquatic Arts, and we go through great lengths to support it. It’s in everyone's best interest to remain vigilant regarding invasive species. Our customers will never find a live mussel (or anything else) in Marimo sent from us, mainly because of the lengthy, tedious, and strict quarantine process that we follow, which makes it impossible for invaders of any kind to survive. As far as we know, we’re currently the only Marimo supplier doing anything like this, and that definitely sets us far apart from the rest. 


In observance of state to state regulations for containing any potential spread of an invasive species, temporary restrictions have been implemented by the following states. Marimo orders from theses states will not be sold or shipped at this time:

North Dakota