Freshwater Bivalves (Clams and Mussels)

Bivalves are a very useful and fascinating addition to the freshwater aquarium. They are diligent filter feeders that constantly skim particulate matter from the water column, and their only major requirements are the presence of a constant food source and placement in areas of high water flow. They are completely peaceful and they are very useful in removing greenwater and other suspended plant or animal matter, which will result in much clearer water.

Please note that bivalves such as clams and mussels should be somewhat imbedded in the substrate of the aquarium in areas of high water flow. Bivalves feed constantly, so care must be taken to ensure that they have a constant food source such as greenwater or finely crushed, high-quality flake food.

If a bivalve dies in an aquarium, it should be removed immediately or else it is prone to release a great deal of ammonia into the aquarium. Aquarists MUST take care in the placement and observation of ornamental bivalves to ensure that they are fed regularly and placed in an area where they can be easily observed on a daily basis.