Enhance Your Aquarium with Aquatic Arts Botanical Combo Pack: A Complete Guide

Posted on 10 September 2023

Aquarium enthusiasts know that achieving a thriving aquatic ecosystem involves more than just water quality and fish selection. The Aquatic Arts Botanical Combo Pack offers a curated assortment of natural elements, each with its unique benefits. In this article, we'll delve into the multifaceted advantages of every item in the combo pack, illustrating how they can collectively enhance the health and beauty of your aquarium.



1. Catappa Almond Leaves (3 Leaves):


Catappa Indian Almond Leaves from Aquatic Arts, a natural addition to aquariums, known for their water conditioning and health benefits for aquatic life


  • Natural Water Conditioner: These leaves release tannins and humic acids as they break down, gently lowering the pH and creating slightly acidic conditions, similar to tropical fish habitats.
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal: Catappa Almond Leaves help inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, promoting healthier water conditions.
  • Color Enhancement: Many aquarists observe intensified colors in fish, especially those with vibrant hues.
  • Natural Habitat Simulation: They replicate the conditions of tropical rivers and streams, reducing stress and encouraging natural behaviors and breeding.

2. Mulberry Leaves (3 Leaves):



  • Natural Food Source: Mulberry leaves are an excellent dietary supplement for shrimp, serving as a source of essential nutrients.
  • Antioxidant Properties: They contain antioxidants, which can enhance the overall health and longevity of aquarium inhabitants.
  • Improved Water Quality: As these leaves break down, they help stabilize water parameters, creating a more stable environment.

3. Cholla Wood (1 Piece):


  • Natural Decor Element: Cholla Wood adds a rustic and attractive element to your aquarium while providing hiding spots for shy fish.
  • Safe Shelter: It offers a secure hiding place for small fish, fry, and shrimp, reducing stress.
  • Promotes Molting: Cholla Wood provides a grazing surface for shrimp and invertebrates, contributing to healthy molting.

4. Coconut Petal (1 Piece):


  • Natural Decoration: The coconut petal enhances your aquarium's aesthetic appeal, creating a tropical and authentic atmosphere.
  • Hiding Spot: It offers shelter and a resting place for fish and invertebrates, enhancing their sense of security.
  • Natural Biofilm Growth: Coconut petals can foster the growth of biofilm, a natural food source for small shrimp and other microorganisms.

5. Alder Cones (1 Portion):


  • Tannin Release: Alder cones release tannins, which lower pH levels and create a more natural, slightly acidic environment.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties: They help maintain water quality by inhibiting harmful bacteria and reducing the risk of infections.
  • Natural Decoration: Alder cones add a visually pleasing touch to your aquarium, giving it a rustic and captivating look.


The Aquatic Arts Botanical Combo Pack is a versatile and comprehensive toolkit for aquarium enthusiasts. With Catappa Almond Leaves, Mulberry Leaves, Cholla Wood, Coconut Petals, and Alder Cones, you have the tools to create a natural, visually stunning, and thriving aquatic environment. These botanicals work together to improve water quality, simulate natural habitats, enhance the health and vibrancy of your fish and invertebrates, and elevate the overall beauty of your aquarium. Unlock the full potential of your aquatic hobby with this diverse and beneficial combo pack.

 Disclaimer: Before Using Botanicals in Your Aquarium

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