• Shrimp Bites (3 Month Supply - 30+grams)

Shrimp Bites (3 Month Supply - 30+grams)

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These "Shrimp Bites" are tiny sinking pellets that we feed all of our dwarf shrimp.  They provide complete nutrition for dwarf shrimp, and can be fed as a staple diet to all of the dwarf shrimp we sell.  It is a high quality food that will not cloud water or cause surface scum.  As always, remember to only feed as much as the shrimp will eat within 30 minutes.

This is enough food to feed 10 to 20 dwarf shrimp for 3 months or longer.
  • Feed approximately 5 bites per shrimp every other day.  If not all of them are uneaten, reduce feeding to approximately 3 bites per shrimp.
  • Remember: DO NOT feed more until the food from last time is gone, and remove uneaten food if you see any after 6 hours.

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