• GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks Artemia

GlasGarten Shrimp Snacks Artemia

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Shrimp Snacks Artemia is excellent as either a staple or supplementary food for ornamental shrimp.

The Artemia snack can also be used as a complete feed, since the combination of animal and vegetable ingredients contains all the necessary nutrients and completely covers the needs. The tabs are a very good protein supplier.
Ingredients: Fish and Fish by-products, Molluscs and Crustaceans (10% Artemia salina), Cereals, Yeasts, Oils and Fats, Whey products, Vitaminpremix

Feeding recommendation: 1/2 Tab per 15-20 Shrimp

30g Aroma pack, Tabs
Made in Germany

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