• Crayfish Bites (6 Month Supply - 200+grams)

Crayfish Bites (6 Month Supply - 200+grams)

$ 11.95



These are the sinking pellets we feed our crayfish.  They combine marine protein and vegetable matter into one pellet for a nutritionally complete food.  This is the staple of every crayfish's diet housed at Aquatic Arts.

This is enough food to feed up to 1 large crayfish or 2 to 3 CPO Dwarf Crayfish for 6 months or longer.


  • Feed one pellet per crayfish every other day.  As the crayfish grows, you may feed up to 3 per day as long as they are all eaten within 30 minutes.
  • Remember: DO NOT feed more until the food from last time is gone, and remove uneaten food if you see any after 6 hours.

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