• Crayfish Bites (6 Month Supply, 200+grams)

Crayfish Bites (6 Month Supply, 200+grams)

$ 11.95



These are the sinking pellets we feed our crayfish. They combine marine protein and vegetable matter into one pellet for a nutritionally complete food. This is the staple of every crayfish's diet housed at Aquatic Arts.

This is enough food to feed up to 1 large crayfish or 2 to 3 CPO Dwarf Crayfish for 6 months or longer.

  • Feed one pellet per crayfish every other day. As the crayfish grows, you may feed up to 3 per day as long as they are all eaten within 30 minutes
Remember, don't feed more until the food from last time is gone, and remove uneaten food if you see any after 6 hours.

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