Special Offers

Our current promotional specials are listed below!
All discounts and store credit given within these promotions is valid for the purchase of aquatic plants and animals only.



Adopt a homeless pet or volunteer at an Animal Shelter/Animal Welfare Group and receive $50+ store credit, free of charge, no strings attached!

CONDITIONS: If you have adopted a homeless cat or dog in the last 2 weeks, we offer you $50 in store credit to thank you for being part of the solution to Animal Homelessness. We offer a bonus of another $50 for a total of $100 if you adopt an animal that is 6 years or older in age. Alternatively, you can qualify for the $50 promotion if you have volunteered at a homeless animal shelter regularly (at least once per week) for 3 months or more. Keep this offer in mind next time you are thinking about giving a furry friend a lifelong place in your family or you want to help the animals that have not yet found a permanent home! 

We require proof in either scenario, and this can be supplied in the forms of:

-- Adoption Contract or signed statement from a licensed shelter on official shelter letterhead showing a date within 14 days of you claiming the credit.

-- Adoption Fee receipt showing a date within 14 days of you claiming the credit.

-- In the case of claiming a credit for volunteer work, supply a signed statement from your shelter.

A good photo of you with your new pet is also required. We post these on our website without any identifying information aside from your first name and the name of your pet. However, we understand if you do not want your picture posted. While we would prefer to have a picture of you with your pet, we will also accept a photo of your pet by itself. Please submit all photos via email to info@aquaticarts.com and our customer service team will be happy to assist you!





Are you an educator using our products in the classroom? If so, contact us for a substantial teacher discount!

We are proud to help educators bring aquatic life into the classroom! A classroom aquarium can be a teaching aid for a huge variety of topics from the nitrogen cycle to photosynthesis. We have helped educators from the 2nd grade to the Purdue University Department of Biology. We offer most of our products to educators with a 50% discount up to subtotals being $150, beyond $150 you will receive a $75 refund maximum. Contact us to see how we can help you start a classroom project that will have your students engaged and involved with your lesson plan! Please contact us by email at info@aquaticarts.com to register. 

CONDITIONS: We do not provide animals for the purpose of dissection, or any other purpose that will not allow the animal to live out its full lifespan. This offer is not valid for home school. You must provide us with a photo of your Teaching License, the name of your school or department, and a brief outline of how you plan to use our products in the classroom. We would also appreciate a photo of your students with the aquarium, although this is not required. The order must be delivered to you at your school or department and the tank must reside inside the school building, not at home.



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