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We have a few different promotions and special sales. Some run all the time, while others are seasonal or temporary. Please read on, you might be able to get some store credit for free! All store credit given in these promotions is valid for the purchase of aquatic plants and animals only.



1. Adopt a homeless pet or volunteer at an Animal Shelter/Animal Welfare Group and receive $50+ store credit, free of charge!

Aquatic Arts is a major supporter of the fight to end Animal Homelessness. We personally donate to local animal shelters and the FACE Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic using proceeds from our business, but we are only 2 people. Animal Homelessness is a serious and widespread issue that will take much more than a few donations to solve. Taking a dog into your life is an incredible experience much like having children. A dog is a member of your family, a faithful companion, and can be a tireless guardian of your home. They ask nothing in return aside from your love and care. A dog will love you unconditionally, will always be with you. Cats may not be able to protect your house (aside from keeping mice away), but they are wonderful companions nonetheless. A cat is not scruffy or barbaric as dogs often are, but is a sophisticated and complicated individual. Dogs and cats are a big part of our lives, and we couldn't be without them. Crystal and I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, all of them adopted as homeless animals. It brings tears to my eyes to think about any of them being run over by a car at a young age, being euthanized, or dying in the streets of illness or starvation. They all have wonderful lives now, but I feel guilt every time I think of all the animals that don't have homes like they do. If you've ever been inside an animal shelter, you know how heartbreaking it is. There are often hundreds of homeless animals confined to tiny spaces with very little attention or interaction given to them because of the sheer number of animals a shelter must care for, often with extremely limited staff and resources. Many of these animals will never make it out of that shelter. You wish you could give all of them a home and a chance at a real life when you see them locked up like prisoners, often waiting for execution while someone buys a puppy instead of adopting them.

Conditions for store credit: If you have adopted a homeless cat or dog in the last 2 weeks, we offer you $50 in store credit to thank you for being part of the solution to Animal Homelessness. We offer a bonus of another $50 for a total of $100 if you adopt an animal that is 6 years or older in age. Alternatively, you can qualify for the $50 promotion if you have volunteered at a homeless animal shelter regularly (at least once per week) for 3 months or more. Keep this offer in mind next time you are thinking about giving a furry friend a lifelong place in your family or you want to help the animals that have not yet found a permanent home! We also offer this promotion for the adoption of human children, with a bonus of $200 for a total of $250. There are far too many of our own species that desperately need a home, too!

We require proof in either scenario, and this can be supplied in the forms of:

1. Adoption Contract or signed statement from shelter showing a date within 14 days of you claiming the credit.

2. Adoption Fee receipt showing a date within 14 days of you claiming the credit.

3. In the case of claiming a credit for volunteer work, supply a signed statement from your shelter.

A good photo of you with your new pet is also required. We post these on our website without any identifying information aside from your first name and the name of your pet. However, we understand if you do not want your picture posted. While we would prefer to have a picture of you with yout pet, we will also accept a photo of your pet by itself.


2. Are you an educator using our products in the classroom? If so, contact us for a substantial discount!

We are proud to help educators bring aquatic life into the classroom! A classroom aquarium can be a teaching aid for a huge variety of topics from the nitrogen cycle to photosynthesis. We have helped educators from the 2nd grade to the Indiana University Department of Biology. We offer most of our products to educators at deep discounts, often at our cost. Contact us to see how we can help you start a classroom project that will have your students engaged and involved with your lesson plan!

Conditions for discount: You must provide us with a photo of your Teaching License, the name of your school or department, and a brief outline of how you plan to use our products in the classroom. The order must be delivered to you at your school or department. We would also appreciate a photo of your students with the aquarium, although this is not required.

NOTE: We do not provide animals for the purpose of dissection, or any other purpose that will not allow the animal to live out its full lifespan.


3. Submit a photo/video of our products in your aquarium - if we use it on our product pages, you will receive $30 in store credit!

Conditions for store credit: This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you take a fantastic photo of something you bought from us, send the full size photo to us! We take great pride in our product photos, but we know some of you are even better than us at aquatic photography. If we use any of the pictures you send us on one of our product pages, we will give you $30 in store credit per photo to spend on any of the livestock in our store. This promotion also applies to videos. Keep in mind we have high standards for our product photos/videos, so only high quality photo/video will be used on our product pages. We are also working on a customer photo gallery for casual aquatic photographers to share their photos and win prizes!


...more promotions coming soon!

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