• Barclaya longifolia, Plant with Bulb
  • Barclaya longifolia, Plant with Bulb

Barclaya longifolia, Plant with Bulb

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This striking plant is an excellent background plant that boasts incredible green, red, and purple coloration!


Barclaya longifolia is a unique bulb plant from Southern Asia.  It has historically been very difficult to acquire in the US, but is beginning to become more available.  The most distinctive quality of this plant is its brilliantly colored green, red, and purple leaves.  

Care for Barclaya longifolia is not difficult as long as a few key needs are met.  Its bulb base must not be completely buried in the substrate or it will rot.  Also, this warm water plant will quickly deteriorate if the temperature is too low.  Its leaves are relatively delicate so it should not be placed in areas of heavy water flow.  Finally, it will periodically go through dormant periods where it will shed its leaves for a few weeks, but then grow new leaves.  With quality care, the Barclaya longifolia will grow at a moderate rate.  This plant can grow to a height of at least 12 inches, but has been reported to grow to over 30 inches!  If slower and smaller growth is desired, the bulb can be half buried in a pot in order to restrict extension of its roots.

In addition to its attractive appearance, Barclaya longifolia provides a valuable refuge for aquarium animals, especially dwarf shrimp, nano fish, and fry.  Barclaya longifolia can easily flourish and grow to become a major centerpiece of the planted aquarium!

Like most plants, Barclaya longifolia will benefit from supplementation such as Seachem Flourish, Flourish Excel, Nitrogen and other plant supplements.  However, supplementation is not required for this plant to grow and stay healthy.

***PLEASE NOTE - This plant can sometimes lose leaves in shipping. This is normal, and in most cases, new leaves will sprout within a couple of weeks. If your Barclaya longifolia bulb loses its leaves upon arrival, please plant it as usual if the bulb is still firm and healthy. If it does not begin to re-sprout, please contact us and we will honor our live arrival guarantee and replace it!

What We Like About This Plant:

  • Grows steadily when kept in nutrient-rich water
  • Beatiful green, red, and purple leaves
  • Can grow to a large size or restricted to slower growth
  • Very rare and uncommon in the US


Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 75° - 82.4° F (24° - 28° C), possibly even warmer
  • pH: 6.3 – 7.2
  • Lighting: Moderate
  • Origin: Indigenous to Southern Asia, cultivated in US nurseries
  • Aquarium placement: Middle and Background, but bulb should not be fully buried in substrate
  • Care: Moderate


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