• Spider Wood - 1 Large Piece (8 - 14 inches)

Spider Wood - 1 Large Piece (8 - 14 inches)

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Spider Wood is a great way to add a natural and wild sort of beauty to any freshwater aquarium.  It helps to create a realistic and natural-looking environment for any kind of aquatic life that you might have.  This driftwood is known for its tiny, twisted branches, and the piece as a whole resembles a mangrove tree.  These numerous little branches are ideal for providing cover for smaller species of aquatic animals (such as dwarf shrimp and tiny fish).  Thus, not only is Spider Wood practical, but it is also guaranteed to improve the appearance of any aquarium.  Spider Wood is also especially beautiful in planted tanks and terrariums, and is wonderful for anchoring several live plants.
Each and every piece of driftwood that we sell is highly unique!  Our product image includes only a few examples of the different shapes this wood can take.  Driftwood like this is wonderful for tanks with shrimp, fish, and snails; it provides ideal hiding and resting places for all kinds of aquarium inhabitants and makes any aquarium more closely resemble their natural habitat.  Placing Spider Wood in your aquarium is also a fantastic and natural way to lower and buffer pH levels.
Because of its light weight, spider wood does not sink on its own, unless it is boiled first or anchored down somehow.  It's a good idea to boil spider wood before placing it in your tank anyway to make sure it is safe for other aquarium inhabitants.

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